Información del Producto:

    • Producido de tubos de vidrio de borosilicato de alta calidad tipo 1
    • Disponible en claro y ámbar
    • Incluyendo cartuchos de 1,5 a 3 ml según ISO 11040-1 e ISO 13926-1
    • Se puede proporcionar impreso según la solicitud del cliente
    • Dimensiones alternativas posibles para series de producción factibles

Ofrecemos cartuchos de 1,5 a 3 ml, utilizando tubos de vidrio neutro de borosilicato tipo I que cumplen con los más altos requisitos de calidad de la industria farmacéutica. Podemos proporcionar cartuchos para aplicaciones de anestesia dental e inyectores de pluma de insulina.


Dashco offers high quality glass tubular Vials from 2 to 30 ml, using type I borosilicate neutral glass tubes made by international well-known manufacturers.

Our Vial designs are according to ISO 8362-1 and ISO 11418-7.

In General we manufacture flint (clear) and amber glass Vials in the following forms as well as offering Vials for Lyophilisation (freeze drying) purposes:

  • Crimp Neck
  • Screw Neck

Dashco uses European made fully automatic Vial production machines and each manufacturing process includes:

  • Automatic glass tube loading
  • Online visual control system
  • Automatic rejection of defected products
  • Customized Ceramic color printing using heavy metal free inks
  • Off line quality and dimensional recheck in air conditioned environment
  • Highly skilled & experienced workers and inspection personnel


Dashco manufacturers high quality glass ampoules from 1 to 30ml, using type I borosilicate neutral glass tubes made by international well-known manufacturers.

Our ampoule designs are according to ISO 9187-1 and can be customized according to customer requirements.

In General we manufacture flint (clear) and amber glass ampoules in the following forms:

  • Flame Cut (Straight – stem) Ampoules (Type B)
  • Funnel Top Ampoules (Type C)
  • Closed Ampoules (inside positive pressure) (Type D)

Dashco has European made ampoule production machines and each machine has the following specification:

  • Continues online cutting, glazing, optical visual control, annealing, and packing.
  • Customized Ceramic one or two color printing using heavy metal-free inks
  • Color Break Ring (RB)
  • Color Identification Rings (RC)
  • One Point Cut (OPC)
  • Type D Ampoule production with incorporated positive pressure
  • Uniform distribution of heat during the annealing process, thus relieving stress from ampoules
  • Automatic rejection of defective products

Glass Tubing

   Dashco as the only manufacturer of high borosilicate glass tubes in the middle east, offers a variety of glass tubes in clear and amber form based on customer’s request. Today with annual production of 5000 tons of clear and amber tubes of different diameters and thicknesses, we are proud to fulfill the total requirements of our local market as well as exporting to some of our valuable international customers. We are continuously increasing production capacities to expand our export market.