Product Information:

  • Produced from High-quality Borosilicate glass tubes type 1
  • Available in clear and amber
  • Include Cartridges from 1.5 to 3 ml according to ISO 11040-1 and ISO 13926-1
  • can be provided based on the customer’s request
  • Alternative dimensions possible for viable production runs
  • Automatic rejection of defective products(dimensional and cosmetic parameters)

We offer Cartridges from 1.5 to 3ml, using high borosilicate neutral glass tubes type I which meets the highest quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. We can provide cartridges for dental anesthetic and Insulin Pen-injector applications.

Size Body diameter(d) Total height (a)
1.5 ml 8.65 56.7
1.8 ml 8.65 62
  3 ml 11.6 62.3